City Information

Dresden is known for its baroque pituresque old town, the many theatres, art exhibitions and other cultural institutions. In addition to the Frauenkirche and the Semper Opera House the state capital of Saxony has much more to offer. In recent years many of the world's leading companies and research institutions have settled in one of Germany's most dynamic economic regions. Tourism also plays an important economic role. On the one hand this ensures that Dresden's economy continues to grow, on the other hand they make it attractive for highly qualified specialists. And they like to come - after all Dresden has a high quality of life to offer: low living costs, an attractive natural landscape in the Elbe Valley, a very good infrastructure and numerous leisure opportunities ranging from shopping and gastronomy to sports and culture.

Academics SRH Hotel-Akademie Dresden



International Hotel Management (B.A.)


International Business & Leadership (M.A.)


Hospitality Management & Leadership (M.A.)


Dresden is a particularly attractive place to study because of its low cost of living. Apartments, flat-sharing communities or dormitories are easy to find and affordable.

The easiest place to stay is in one of the private student halls of residence. Most of them are located close to the SRH Dresden and also close to the student quarter called Dresden Neustadt. The rooms or apartments are usually fully equipped and the rent includes costs for electricity, water and Wi-Fi.

Another option is to live in a shared apartment, called WG. Most of the shared apartment-rooms are relatively cheap and usually very familiar. Old-established flat-sharing residents can give the newcomers valuable insider tips for living and learning in Dresden, especially at the beginning.  Shared rooms are not always furnished but common rooms such as kitchen and bathroom, are usually already equipped.

If you prefer to live alone you can also rent your own apartment. Depending on location and size all price categories are represented in Dresden. It should be noted that the apartments are usually rented out empty and therefore acquisition costs for furniture etc. must be taken into account.

Student Life

Dresden is one of the largest university and college cities in Germany. Currently almost 45,000 students from all over the world study here. With cheap accommodation, several libraries and numerous copy shops, studying in Dresden is very comfortable. But the city also offers many amenities outside of your studies.

As a big city with many leisure activities and sights Dresden is nevertheless manageable and simply beautiful. Numerous parks and the greenery of the banks of the Elbe make the cityscape even more gorgeous and invite you to relax, stroll and do sports. If you like it colourful and varied you should visit the Dresden Neustadt. There are numerous pubs, cafés, bars, clubs, small shops and galleries.Centrally located in Germany the city is also a good starting point to get to know the country in all its facets.