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Looking for a good way to live and study economically in the Rhineland? Not a problem in the city of Leverkusen (in North Rhine-Westfalia, NRW). Whether it is the beautiful Carl-Duisberg-Park with its Japanese garden, the various options for sport and leisure time, or Leverkusen’s bars, clubs and shopping centres, the city offers many options for relaxing after studying. It’s easy to achieve the perfect study-life balance.

How is it situated? Wonderfully! Just a short ten minute train journey will take you to Cologne and twenty minutes you will be in Düsseldorf. The excellent connection to the transport network means that you can quickly reach anywhere in the Rhineland. Leverkusen lies in between the university metropoles of Cologne, Düsseldorf and Bonn. It offers a myriad of ways to enjoy your time while studying. And if you want to use the weekend to relax rather than party, then the idyllic countryside of the neighbouring Bergisches Land awaits you.

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Supply Chain Management (M.Sc.) - full-time

As business becomes more and more global and therefore more complex, logistics and supply chain management turn to become a significant...


Beginning in 2020, over 200 new apartments will be built in Leverkusen:

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Student Life

Over 10 million people live and work in Germany’s largest metropolitan area, the Rhine-Ruhr area.

Leverkusen, situated in North Rhine-Westphalia along the river Rhine, offers its citizens and visitors great recreational value. With a population of about 166,000, it combines the urban flair of a city with more rugged and rural elements through its close neighbourhood with the beautiful Bergisches Land. A broad range of leisure activities characterise the home of three first division football clubs. The options range from shopping to cultural offerings, recreational facilities and popular areas for a night out, making Leverkusen a highly attractive living environment. About 1,300 companies profit from Leverkusen’s advantageous position in the economically strong Rhine area. It boasts an excellent transport network, including three train stations with easy connections to Cologne and Düsseldorf and two international airports (Düsseldorf and Cologne Bonn). Anyone who has driven through the Rhineland will recognize the glowing BAYER-cross that can be seen from the Autobahn – the largest neon sign in the world. To people from Leverkusen it is as important a landmark as the Dom is to those in Cologne.

Situated between the Rhine and the Bergisches Land and next to the neighbouring metropoles Cologne and Düsseldorf, Leverkusen offers everything needed to successfully complete your studies as well as long-term career perspectives and countless ways to spend your free time. The city’s profile is rounded out through its many options for sports, leisure, shopping and culture, making it a thoroughly enjoyable place to live. Excellent employment opportunities are available from both global players and local companies in the chemical, software, automotive, and environmental engineering industries.