Rethinking University - Learning for Life

The active learner takes center stage – this is what the SRH network of universities stands for. The introduction of our innovative teaching and learning model, the CORE principle (competence oriented research and education), represents our response to new educational and market challenges. CORE places the highest priority on the development of competencies by our students.

In designing our degree programs we start with the desired outcome and work backwards from there. Our coordinated programs facilitate the best possible employability in an international market. We are committed to this approach in all our offerings – in classroom-based, distance-learning, part-time and certificate programs.

An agile, motivating and innovative culture of learning is both a condition and a result. Working with our industry partners and students we create the best possible learning environment and continue to evolve as a learning organization.

The elements of the CORE Principle

SRH Academy of Higher Education

Our teaching think tank ensures a lasting optimization of the teaching and learning conditions at SRH universities.


Learning Spaces

Our aim is to provide learning spaces which fit the needs of our students and teachers in future.