The campus learning environment

Studies show that a suitable learning environment can have a positive impact on learning outcomes. So we make sure that we offer a teaching and learning environment that is tailored to the needs of our instructors and students.

Inspiring and Stimulating

Our activating methods place challenging requirements on the design of the learning environment. We equip our learning spaces with furnishings that meet educational and ergonomic needs, can be used flexibly to support each learning scenario, and foster the creativity and motivation of our students.

Small seating groups that encourage informal conversations are part of this environment, as are places where individuals or groups can withdraw to get some work done. This is another area where quality assurance plays an important role. We use evaluations to obtain direct feedback from students and instructors, which is then taken into consideration when designing new learning spaces.

The CORE Principle

"The ‘Campus learning environment’ project at our university is unique in many aspects – the open, cross-faculty process, the holistic approach that links learning to the space in which it takes place, and the university-wide, strategic application."

Dr. Katja Ninnemann,Research Associate, SRH Academy of Higher Education

The CORE Principle

CORE places the highest priority on the development of competencies by our students.


SRH Academy of Higher Education

Our teaching think tank ensures a lasting optimization of the teaching and learning conditions at SRH universities.