If you are fascinated by how globalisation affects world regions and really want to understand other cultures from a wide range of perspectives plus apply this knowledge in your future career - then the SRH Universities are just perfect for you!

Studying abroad is an opportunity to discover more about yourself and a high quality German education can open the doors to fantastic career prospects. At the SRH Universities we will support you to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to achieve your goals.


Bachelor's Degree

Modern and in tune with the Bachelor's Degree programs at the SRH Universities.


Master's Degree

The master's program deepens and supplements the contents of the bachelor's program and opens up the way in leadership positions, the higher service or a promotion.


I made my choice!


I decided to do my Master’s degree in Germany because Germany is an attractive place to study and German university degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide.

SPOORTHY SREENIVASAN - Master Applied Computer Science


The University provides competencies which are in-line with the industrial requirement on a large scale. I feel not only well-prepared for the working life, I have also made a huge progress as an individual.

NITHIN BELVADI NARAYANA RAO - Master Applied Computer Science


Students here are from all over the world, they offer sharp, creative input, and analysis from their own unique experiences; so our in class discussions are often fascinating.

WARREN CHANNELL - International Business Administration








Why study in Germany?

Germany is an attractive place to study and our university degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide.


Living in Germany

Germany is the ideal destination to study abroad: World-class education, exciting urban life, beautiful landscapes as well as a welcoming culture with people from all over the globe.


Working in Germany

Germany’s economy is the strongest in Europe and the fourth strongest in the world. The country is the European leader in terms of growth, employment and exports.