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Become a SRH representative in your country.

Become a SRH representative

Join the strong network of highly qualified SRH educational representatives!

In the interest of creating a more diverse student body and supporting our international students, SRH Universities work with hand-selected education agents around the world.

We strive to work closely with all our representatives to develop a market-specific strategy in order to promote our outreach together. You will become an SRH Representative with the ability to recruit students to all SRH campuses (Heidelberg, Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Hamm, Leverkusen and EBS University).

We seek agents with integrity, professionalism and good intercultural communication skills. Experience with the German higher education system is a plus; however, we are open to work with education consultants new to our market who already have experience counselling students to go abroad.

Our representatives are given training and marketing materials, along with a personal contact for questions or comments, and to support them in their events, such as live job sessions and fairs (if possible). 

We would be happy to onboard you as a partner!

How do I become an education consultant?

Please contact Akos Kiraly (Head of Strategic Sales) to enquire if there are open positions in your market or region.  Please mention any certifications you hold, such as ICEF or AIRC.

What are the next steps?

You will need to fulfill our compliance requirements and complete an onboarding process.


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