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SRH Haarlem Campus

Our new location in the Netherlands.

The city of Haarlem

Our latest campus is located in Haarlem, a city of remarkable history, featuring great culture, cafés, shops, restaurants and nightlife.

In addition, the home of some of the Netherlands’ best museums and world-famous art is regularly voted as one of the country’s best cities for shopping. Its own vibrant atmosphere, created by historic waterways, cobbled streets and ancient buildings, provides unadulterated inspiration and first-rate entertainment. On top of that, the cultural charm of the historic city, as well as its proximity and easy accessibility to Amsterdam, offer space for economic innovation as well as entrepreneurial vision. Especially businesses in up-and-coming sectors, including young digital businesses, creativemanufacturing, and the circular economy as well as life sciences and health have found their way to Haarlem, creating a hub for highly-educated professionals and entrepreneurs. 


Experience meets entrepreneurship

The collaboration of the SRH Group and the Global School for Entrepreneurship established an institution that offers students innovative teaching and learning concepts that encourage professional and personal growth.

Haarlem Campus will offer Bachelor’s degree programmes in Business Psychology, Creative Media and Digital Transformation Management, starting in March 2022.

The grounds of the former Cupola prison serve as a modern and unique location for the Campus, providing a special flair. At the same time, the building represents an educational and cultural centre that is used and supported by many regional companies.

Campus der Haarlem University of Applied Sciences