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Competence Oriented Research and Education: The CORE Principle

The development of innovative concepts is our answer to future requirements in teaching and research.

Rethinking education

We want to teach our students the core competences of tomorrow, paving the way for a successful future career.

Our study concept helps students learn from the very beginning to act proactively in the acquisition and management of knowledge and to work in interdisciplinary teams.

We are convinced that sustainable learning is only possible if there is enough room for experimentation and critical thinking. That’s why we have completely restructured the classic course of study! Competence-Oriented Research and Education (CORE) has been the decisive underlying principle, which was awarded with the Genius Loci Award for Teaching Excellence in 2018. The educational model developed  by the SRH is centered on active and independent learning based on the following building blocks:

  • Optimal teaching and learning conditions
  • Continuous quality assurance
  • Lasting learning success
  • A focus on skills
  • Instructors as learning coaches
  • Five-week blocks

The principle represents a response to new educational and market challenges and offers students an innovative teaching and learning concept that provides them with individual and forward-looking support in their personal development and skills acquisition.