SRH Universites

SRH Higher Education

Excellence and efficiency made by SRH.

Our independent network of private universities has been guiding students along their personal educational path for over 50 years. The universities operate under the umbrella of SRH Higher Education GmbH, functioning as a connecting link among our eight universities.

A passion for education

Our SRH higher education network consists of seven private, state-recognised and internationally oriented universities of applied sciences and one university.

Even though each of our universities has an independent profile, we are simultaneously committed to common academic goals. With the help of innovative teaching and learning concepts, we are currently preparing more than 16,000 education-seeking customers for their future professional roles.

Link and Partner

SRH Higher Education GmbH acts as a link between the independent SRH universities. Functioning as an important developmental and strategic partner, SRH Higher Education GmbH helps to exploit synergy potential and to successfully integrate new teaching and learning concepts. 

By supporting the exchange between the SRH Universities, we are aiming to foster mutual idea generation to position ourselves dynamically and sustainably in the market.