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  • Data Protectoin Policy

    applicant For study advisory For assessing the applicants’ eligibility for higher studies in Germany For internal university communication Usage for Other Purposes For insertion, testing, supporting, and maintaining [...] other programmes For supervision- and controlling authorities (for example the checking of invoices, internal revisions, data protection authority etc.) For organizational analysis, quality-assurance measures [...] purpose (by transmission or granting access, and only if not possible without personal reference). Internal Students‘ Service The University Marketing and Communication Department The Financial Department

  • SRH Campus Hamburg

    its beauty as well as its historical and cultural importance. The city is a huge attraction for international as well as German tourists, scoring with lively neighbourhoods and world-class shopping opportunities [...] Europe’s third largest port, which deals in goods as well as tourism, Hamburg is no stranger to international tourism, with 7.2 million visitors annually. Take advantage of the many companies and leisure

  • Stay-back options and job market

    Immigration Act Germany's relatively new immigration law increases the country's attractiveness for international students. A new immigration law has been under discussion in German politics for almost 20 years [...] purpose of finding a job or setting up a business" makes Germany particularly attractive for international students. Working while studying Your student visa allows you to work in Germany. You can work

  • Study in Germany

    in the world Germany welcomes international students In a recent ranking compiled by , Germany was deemed the most attractive study destination for international students in Europe. The high quality