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Germany is the ideal destination for your studies: world-class education, robust economy and a welcoming society that needs skilled professionals.

Reasons to study in Germany
Reasons to study in Germany


Germany is a very safe country. The police is reliable and helps you in every situation. Whether you live in a big city or in a small town, you can pretty much move around day or night without having to take any special precautions.

Culture & Society

Germany is the home to renowned poets and philosophers such as Goethe, Schiller or Kant but the country has a lot more to offer: a diverse arts scene, festivals and the popular Oktoberfest. Big cities like Berlin offer a wide range of recreational activities, such as street food festivals, film festivals, concerts and thousands of parties to go to. German society is cosmopolitan, open-minded and welcoming.

Economy & Innovation

Germany is the 4th largest economy in the world with a robust economy. German achievements in science and engineering are recognized everywhere in the world, and the country is known for its innovation, creativity and expertise. "Made in Germany" stands for quality and reliability.

Living Costs

Compared to other European countries, the living costs in Germany are very moderate. Students benefit from a lot of concessions. You can receive reduced prices at theatres, museums, opera houses, cinemas, swimming pools and other institutions. All you have to do is present your student ID.


Germany is located in the middle of Europe and it's easy to get around the country. For example, a train journey from the south of Germany to the north takes less than six hours and it is only three and a half hours by train from Heidelberg to Paris.