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Business & Management

Are entrepreneurial challenges and thinking outside the box your thing? Our degree programmes combine practical relevance with interdisciplinary learning, international experience and exciting challenges. You will be optimally prepared to understand the economic relationships that companies rely on ⎼ to master any task.

Law & Management – 30 Courses

  • 4 Semesters
  • Distance study
  • extra-occupational
  • 120 ECTS
  • en
Business & Management

Master of Business Administration (engl.)

Do you want to use the English language to prepare yourself for a career with an international dimension? Then our part-time English-language MBA is the right choice.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) SRH Fernhochschule The Mobile University

  • 4 Years
  • extra-occupational
  • part time
  • en

Doctor of Business Administration

Get the highest academic degree in management education. With the part-time Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), you get to apply your leadership skills to a real business case and take your company to the next level.
DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) Berlin School of Management

Science & Technology – 1 Course

Hotel & Tourism – 3 Courses

Computer Science, Communication & Media – 3 Courses

Environment & Sustainability

Become the link between people and nature!
Our environment and sustainability programmes will help you keep a finger on the pulse of our time and learn to embrace sustainability in a business and economic context.

Science & Technology – 5 Courses


Share your inventive spirit and sharpen your sense of what is technically feasible! Play a part in solving technical issues from research and development to design, production and field testing.

Science & Technology – 6 Courses

Informatics & Big Data

Do digital networks and communication between people and programs inspire you? Learn the languages of computer systems and become an expert in the security and network technologies that define our era. Discover a variety of ways to understand and apply data.

Computer Science, Communication & Media – 7 Courses

Law & Management – 1 Course

Design, Communication & Media

Is creativity your strength, media your language? Our degree programmes in communication invite you to inspire others with your creativity and experience, shaping the corporate communication of tomorrow. Discover a range of opportunities and your dream career path in the world of creative content and media. Our numerous degree programmes provide an arena to put your ideas into real-world practice.

Computer Science, Communication & Media – 4 Courses

Creativity & Music – 1 Course

Film & Photography

Are you interested in effectively positioning brands & messages, art & culture? Choose your film or photography programme at SRH to gain a foothold in the industry.
Whether you’re interested in feature films, documentaries, animation or commercials, you’ll find what you’re looking for at our universities.

Computer Science, Communication & Media – 3 Courses

Creativity & Music – 1 Course


Help steer Germany’s third- largest economic sector and learn to map the entire value chain. You’ll learn to manage complex logistical processes: planning transport routes, cooperation and communication with suppliers, as well as many other exciting challenges.

Law & Management – 3 Courses

Science & Technology – 6 Courses

Science & Technology

Do you want to deepen your technological and methodological knowledge and skills, and obtain a leading position in research and industrial development? Then you’ve come to the right place to seek a degree in science and technology. Embark on a journey with excellent career prospects in industry, diagnostics, research and development.

Therapy & Health

Which social patterns play a role when we make decisions as consumers? How can we promote good health – as one of our most important resources – by preventive measures? Become a public health advocate, gaining professional and leadership skills in the field of health, social work or therapy.

Engineering & Construction

Modern processes need clever minds. Follow the growth and development of a construction project, and see how property goes from project development, to completion of construction, to facility management.


Study people and learn what makes them tick.
Together with your fellow students and professors, you explore the human psyche. Learn how it works, find out how feelings and behaviour patterns develop, and tackle the age-old question of “nature vs. nurture”.

Health, Social Studies & Psychology – 1 Course

  • extra-occupational
  • de

Train the Trainer – Projekt Hirn in Hochform

Nach dem Motto „Psychologie trifft Praxis“ erhalten Sie mit unserem Training eine vielschichtige Seminar. Ein Kurs, der Sie befähigt Wissen didaktisch sinnvoll und lebendig zu vermitteln.
Zertifikat SRH Hochschule für Gesundheit